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Manual Hydraulic Pallet Truck in DF Hydraulic Pump

Hand pallet truck is applicable to the warehouse,docks workshop, station, logistics and freight yard and other handling;manual forklift due to non sparking and electromagnetic field, especially for flammade, explosive and no fire items of move loading and unloading.
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Cold Rolled Steel
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Hand pallet truck is applicable to the warehouse,docks workshop, station, logistics and freight yard and other handling;manual forklift due to non sparking and electromagnetic field, especially for flammade, explosive and no fire items of move loading and unloading.

Pallet Truck Detailed specification:

DF Hydraulic Hand Pallet Truck Specification 
Product Name Manual Hydraulic Pallet Truck in DF Hydraulic Pump 
Material Cold Rolled Steel
Specification DF Hydraulic Pump Series
Capacity 2000Kgs 2500Kgs 3000Kgs
Width of Fork(W) 550mm 685mm 550mm 685mm 550mm 685mm
Length of Fork(L1) 1150mm 1220mm 1150mm 1220mm 1150mm 1220mm
Lowest Lifting Height (H1) 75mm 75mm 75mm 75mm 75mm 75mm
Highest Lifting Height (H2) 200mm 200mm 200mm 200mm 200mm 200mm
Weight 60Kgs 65Kgs 60Kgs 65Kgs 60Kgs 65Kgs
Total Length of Truck(L2) 1480mm 1582mm 1480mm 1582mm 1480mm 1582mm
Wheel Nylon/PU Wheel
Surface treatment Electrostatic spray or Galvanized
Colour Zinc/Blue/Red/Yelllow/Green
Payments Terms T/T 30% In davance,balance paid before delivery
Delivery Time Within 10-15 working days.
Packing Standard export packing,suitable for sea transport and try down packing cost.
Quality Guarantee 15 Years

Product Detailed Picture

Hand Pallet Truck Features:

1, Hand pallet truck has a wide range of application, such as warehouse, dock, station, workshop, logistics yards etc.

2, Hand pallet truck have dual function both loading and unloading.

3, The body rotation is flexible, easy to operate.

4, Pallet truck fork plate running smoothly, lift balance.

5, Manual forklift does not produce sparks and electromagnetic fields. 


Agama Company Workshop Scene

1, Laser cutting and Sandblasting workshop

For folding wire mesh cage pallet part produce we use preicision laser cutting,it can improve accuracy and flatness. Sandblasting before coating can removed rust stain,enhance the coating adhesion.

2, Auto welding and welding process

We had adopt auto welding machine instead of human welding, its improved production efficiency,and assure storage mesh cage pallet fast delivery.

3, Auto bending and punching machine workshop

In order to improved process accuracy,we introduced developed bending equipments continuously

4, Phosphating and Electrostatic Spray

We have four auto electrostatic spray lines to assure produce orderly,before electrostatic spray we have phosphating to enchance anti corrosion coating.

5, Wood shelf process workshop

Wooden shelf/ Steel+wood shelf is newly popular shelf for supermarket and shopping mall,we introduce developed wood machine equipment to assure high quality and beatiful appearance.

Hand Pallet Truck Details:

The all new hydraulic pump design is the engine driving the BF series.The pump body is cast in one piece,which heeps oil in the pump and off the floor.A new lowering valve cartridge provide superior operator control.The durable threast ball bearing and plate equipped with grease fitting makes load steering easier.

How to Choose hand pallet trucks?

1, The difference of hand pallet trucks:

Besides the hand pallet truck size,the main parts difference is hydraulic pump and wheel,the difference as following:

2, The choose of hand pallet trucks depand on the use purpose:

Packing Information:

For hand palet truck packed in bundle and covered by plastic film to protect scraping in transporting.We assure the packing suitable for land transport and sea transport safety,and try to down the packing cost for customer.

Customer may have questions as following:

- Q: What's the main business of Agama Industrial?
A: We mainly focus on design and manufacture storage equipments for supermarket and warehouse use, and also  we offer One-Stop-Sourcing solution for new store project. 


- Q: What's the payment terms i can get?
A: T/T,or LC At sight, DP etc.

- Q: What kind of finish do you provide for your goods?
A: Electro galvanized ,hot dip galanized, painting or powder coating is available.

- Q: I like your design, but couldnt find the right model from the products list, is custom size available?
A: Yes, we do custom products and projects. 

- Q: I would like to have my own design products and qty is not that big, is it ok?
A: Yes, we can go with your custom design, no matter small or big qty, however, pls understand the cost will be different.


- Q: I don' have drawing or picture available for the custom products, could you design it for me?
A:Yes, we can make the best suitable design for you but do need to know the details - such as
a) dimension b) loading capacity c)stackability d)operation environment.


- Q: What is your average production lead time
A: 2-3 weeks against formal order and deposit.


- Q: Do I get any guarantee from your company?

A: 15 years warranty in case that
A) Proper handling during operation, correctly forklift handling while stacking/un-stacking
B) Overloading is prohibited
C) Environment request indoor, dry and not humid circumstance, do not contact with any corrosive chemical material (for zn plated and powder coated proucts, no limitation for hot dip galvanized)


- Q: What happen in case any quality problem is identified after arrival?
A: We take full responsibility for any manufacturing defect, would either refund or reship good products to you.

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